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The story of Galaxy

Galaxy Hound began as a way of raising funds for online marketing courses for its founder, a young man who had a gift and a talent for online sales and marketing. The original plan was to use the store as a way of providing funds so that this gifted young man could enroll in online marketing courses for his future growth and development. Like so many young people now, he had a love for streaming and gaming.  But in addition, this young man was constantly exploring the creation of online business and merch stores.

In an effort to mentor and provide an outlet for this young man's God given talents, Galaxy Hound was born. It is with both regret and thankfulness that we acknowledge that although this young man can no longer be with us, the seed that was planted has grown into a strong tree that is bearing much fruit.

With rapid growth, Galaxy Hound, LLC provides merch stores for eSports teams and streamers' merchandise. We also occasionally conduct an Internship Program for young people including, video editors, graphic designers, competition players and others within the online gaming community.

Galaxy Hound, LLC is extremely fortunate and proud  to have the following Board of Directors and staff as leaders.

Eryn @Ithileryn

Vice President, Director of Events

Eryn began her online streaming life several years ago but she has been a gamer since she was a small child. She busts the myths that gaming is harmful.. Recently she has stepped into the arena of cosplay, creating her own apparel and character wardrobes for appearance at events.You might catch her as Elizabeth from BioShock, or maybe even Kyoko Kirigiri from Danganronpa. She creates cosplay from both anime and video games including the series Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach, Soul Eater, and Teen Titans.

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Carolyn @CarolynQuest

President, CEO

Carolyn brings years of experience in Board Development, Executive Branch policies and decisions and the creation of programs that enhance lives. These skills together with her background in television, film and video, tele- communications, sales and marketing provide the leadership for the future of this unique online company.

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Dana @KillaQueen_TV

Advisory Board, Merch Store Designer

"My name is Dana aka KillaQueen_TV. I'm 28 years old, a mother and a wife working full time in the service industry. I had a YouTube channel from 2015- 2017. Early 2018 I decided it might be fun to make the move to Twitch.

Ever since then I've been involved with multiple communities and enjoying meeting new people and networking. Since I have been playing games since I was young, I know what it's like to get into networking with other gamers to try to work together to grow in a positive manner."

Galaxy Hound

"We search the Galaxy for you!"

Tim @ActiveE

Advisory Board, Director of Competitions

"Hey Everyone! I'm a father of 2 and a full time competitive streamer. This has been my dream and I have been able to live it for the past two years now! I wouldn't change it for the world. I believe that your day is ruled by the mentality you have in the first 8 minutes after you wake up. So start your day by watching something motivational and being grateful for the good in your life. Start the day right and the rest of your day is incredible!!"

Jonn @TSA_Sittin

Advisory Board, Director of Teams

Jonn is a daily streamer who's motive is  providing entertaining content. He has a special talent for making his viewers laugh and interact. He has been streaming for three years on Youtube,Twitch and Mixer.

He started the team TSA (Team Sideways Association). "Games are meant to be enjoyed" he says. His team building skills are one of the many qualities Jonn brings to Galaxy Hound

"I love to help people and share all the ideas I have developed over my years of streaming. Galaxy Hound is an incredible program to help streamers of all sizes get on their feet or even just improve!

Chris @TvRageKing

Staff, Scout

Chris has been with Galaxy Hound LLC as a Founding Streamer from  the beginning. He was one of Galaxy Hound's very first merch store owners. He loves to play a variety of games and always makes his viewers laugh.

Formerly, as an Intern in Aquisitions, Chris visited our merch store owners' streams, answering questions and and helping them to promote their merch and bring in new streamers.

Now he works as a scout for the company. "I search for eSports teams that Galaxy Hound would be proud to sponsor."!

Mason @HP_Mason1717

Staff, Competitions

"I'm a 21 year old Wisconsinite who loves to play video games. And before you ask no I'm not a farmer. I love meeting new people and helping them out as much as possible."

"I just started to host/mediate tournaments and now I feel like this is something I can do and get into more and really enjoy. So please if you ever see me on hit me up if you have questions!"

Edgar @CrossingGrave

Staff, Street Teams

"I've been gaming since I was 8 years old and I still love it. I enjoy letting people watch me play as well. 

Currently  I'm a Twitch affiliate and my dream is to become a Twitch partner. I'll never give up on my dream and I will continue to grind for what I believe in. I love to support many different people. No matter what field they need help in, I’ll always be there for anyone. All people got to do is just ask me.

At the moment I have a fiancé and hopefull will one day have some kids so to share my love of gaming with. My biggest goal is to always make people smile, no matter how down someone is. And also to show them that no matter how hard things get, you can always push through and achieve what you need. The one thing I tell people is this: 'Don’t let someone tell you that you can’t do something. Always push forward and never give up on what you believe in!' "


Staff, Discord Admin

"Hey dudes and dudettes, REV here! I'm a father of 2 and I'm a rehabilitation support worker for people with acquired brain injurys. I love to help others that's the reason I have this job.

Gaming helps me be happier and I could do it every day if my wife allowed. I've started streaming Minecraft on my Youtube channel. I've had this channel for just over a year. Six months ago, I decided to stream on Twitch, playing a variety of games all of which I play with others as much as I can in order to make the experience better for myself, but most of all for you guys

January @TR_Florida

Staff, Scout

January, is an extremely active mom of of 5 kids & several fur babies. She has been running a PUBGM eSports team and team discord for almost a year now.

"My favorite part is that I love running scrims every week. I have become quite the social butterfly, and I enjoy meeting new people. I’ve made some pretty amazing friends along the way." Aside from discord and PUBGM, she loves spending time at the beach and going fishing with her family.

Galaxy Hound LLC is fortunate to have January represent the company as one of our staff scouts.

Mark @OUT_Brownie

Staff, Scout

Mark "Brownie" is CEO and founding co-leader of OUTcast Esports. Having been active in the PUBGM, community since its very first season, he has been a part different organizations at various levels of competition. This experience has taught him valuable lessons of professionalism and how to build an extremely successful team.

"Bringing together a family of more than 60 people who actively support each other benefits the PUBG Mobile community and brings me great pride and a drive to continue to help other communities through my work with Galaxy Hound.”.